Monday, May 28, 2012

Utopia Polish Square Pants

What?! Two posts in one day?!? Yes.

I am going to have A LOT of etsy polishes coming in the mail pretty soon and this is the start.

This is Square Pants by Utopia Polish. Its a light yellow base with all kinds of different colored square and hex glitter as well as what looks like some tiny holo glitter. My favorite thing about this polish is that all the glitter is pretty muted, it gives the polish a very spring look. I LOVE the large blue and orange hexes, they are so cool. I used 2 fussy coats over 2 coats of Finger Paints Lemon Sour. I'm sure Square Pants could be opaque on its own but it would take more coats than I am willing to part with at this point.

The first two are in the sun

These last photos are in the shade

I will for sure buy more from Utopias Polish!


  1. ooooh love this! such a bright fun mani :-) x

    1. Isn't it? I love how different it is from most of the other indies in my collection :)


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