Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hit No Olimpo Collection

Hi Everyone!!

I meant to do this post yesterday but I have just been soooo busy with finals coming up! So, anyway, here it is a day late! I am quickly becoming a "Holo whore" so I was super excited to get this nail mail this week!!

Again, please excuse the bad photos! (And my sad cuticles!!)

These two colors are from the Hits No Olimpo Collection. The orange I used for this mani is called Demeter. It is a really pretty linear orange holo. The formula was great and I used three coats to get the color nice and opaque. It probably could have used another coat because it is pretty light but I was happy with three. The red accent fingers are Ares; a bright red AMAZING holo! I can't even begin to tell you how in love with this polish I am. Formula wise it was ok. It was a little funky but with 2 careful coats it was completely opaque. I used 1 coat of seche vite for this mani.

 This is in the shade. The holo isn't great inside but you can see that it's not super blah either.

 Both of these were taken in the sun. I tried so many times to get these perfect but my camera just did NOT want to work with the holo! There were actually a few pictures where there was so much glare that they just ended up being a horrible blurry mess!

You can order these from llarowe for $10.


  1. I love the red Hailey I need a color that goes with everything got a million pinks n havent found one that satifys me

    1. I hear ya! I have a hard time with red too but I love this one!! It's do pretty in person, these pictures don't do it justice! There are so many better pictures of it out there but I had to try! :)


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