Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Camera + Christmas!!

I just graduated with a dual bachelors of science in Finance and Economics and for my graduation gift my parents got me an awesome new camera! Since my nails are still growing out and are too short to take pictures of, I thought I'd try out the macro setting on some Christmas ornaments so here they are! These were all taken at night with the lights and the tree lights on and no flash.

Brown sequin and glitter pine cone

Gold metallic plated pine cone

Baby booties from my first Christmas

An ornament of my mom's from 1978

Silver pine cone ball


Muffin making a super weird face LOL

Another of Muffin...

And another...

Pointer ornament

Our tree with the gifts and part of McKenzie

I'm super excited about how well these pictures turned out and I'm really excited to start taking nail pictures and start blogging for real again. We had a great Christmas, I hope you all did too!!

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