Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nail art for a change

So this week I am on vacation in San Diego. I have several manis to post so I will try to take some time to get them up. Its been a hectic few days, my apologies.

I decided to do some nail art because I was getting a little bored with plain glitter manis. For this I decided to use 2 coats of OPI Thanks A Windmillion and added white dots with China Glaze and the larger end of one of my double sided dotting tools. For the accent nails I taped off the green then added the white stripe down the middle and added clear rhinestones. This is with two coats of Seche Vite on top and I am really surprised that the rhinestones lasted like 4 days. I HATE having texture on my nails so I was pretty proud of myself for not picking them up.

Please excuse my dry cuticles and my photo shop skills (or lack there of). Speaking of photo editing, does anyone know of any good photo editing programs for mac??



I like this mani and it makes me kind of miss nail art. After I get through all my etsy swatches I'll start doing more nail art.. Maybe I'll even get really wild and start doing nail art with my etsy glitters.. hmm... until next time! Have a great week!

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