Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'll Never Glow Up!

I know I said I wouldn't be posting as much since my nails are so painfully (literally) short but I thought this was too cool to pass up. Not too long ago I made my first purchase from Michelle's Sonnetarium etsy shop and I picked up Lotta Zebra and Never Glow Up. Never Glow Up is what I'm going to show you now because its so awesome. When I was about 10 years old I talked my grandma into letting me paint her nails a dark navy color with craft glitter stuck all over it. I'm sure the application was horrible, there was no clean up and there was certainly no top coat! Anyway, I neglected to tell her that the glitter was glow in the dark... in a half sleep state in the middle of the night she thought her glowing nails were bugs in bed with her and panicked and proceeded to beat her hands to death to kill the bugs. When I saw Never Glow Up I instantly thought of my grandma and I had to have it. She will never let me paint her nails again, I'm sure, but maybe I can try to sneak this one in... 

I know this is blurry but this is the closest I could get to color accurate with my camera. This is about 4-ish coats with top coat. Its a little thick and sheer so thin coats are a must! Its a nice blueish-turquoise base with lots of fine glitter. Its a very pretty polish and the glow just gives it extra points in my book!

Playing around with different angles and watermarks...

I had to "charge" my nails in front of a light bulb for a few seconds to make it glow this brightly to get my camera to capture it. I was so excited that my camera actually got the glow! Next time I wear these, I will not "charge" them right before bed! I spent at least an hour waving my hands around and staring at my nails! LOL

How do you feel about glow in the dark polish?? I wish there were more awesome ones out there that weren't just neon!

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