Monday, July 9, 2012

Enchanted Polish holographics

I'll make this short and sweet since the last one was pretty long.

When llarowe announced that most of the Enchanted Polish line was being discontinued I grabbed a few of the holos I had lemmings for. I got Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Gummy Worm, Sour Patch Kid, and Vampire's Dessert. I love holographics and I just HAD to have them. I used Lucy and Gummy Worm first. 2 coats of each plus top coat which did not dull the holo effect at all. I loved this simple yet beautiful mani.

Both photos were taken outside and as you can see, the holo is a little stronger in Lucy than it is in Gummy Worm but they are both gorgeous none the less.

How do you feel about holos? Do you have any lemmings??

~P.S. Notice I'm finally getting some length back to my nubs?? Yay!! :)

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