Sunday, July 1, 2012

Elixir Lacquers Supa Sugar Bee

This post is going to be short and sweet today.

I got this from a blog sale from Things I Love At The Moment. I got Elixir Lacquers Supa Sugar Bee, a purple/pink holographic glitter with a shimmery base. I also got Alter Ego Desert Storm Trigger Puller, which I will post another time. I love SSB because it is SO sparkly and of course, I love the holo! I decided to layer it over OPI Pack Your Booty Shorts because it is so sheer, I don't think it could be opaque on its own. Then I decided to add a little something. I recently got some striping brushes and wanted to test them out. I planned on doing a white/purple plaid but that did NOT go well so I stuck with 2 simple lines, alternating positions on my nails. Then I added the rhinestones because they just make everything better! Sorry for the tip wear, I had worn these for a few days before I took the pictures and I had a little shrinkage (ARHHH).

Sorry again for the HORRIBLE photo!!

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