Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My first ManGlaze!

I've been lemming some ManGlaze for a while now but for some reason never pulled the trigger. Not too long ago they had a sale so I decided to snag a few.. a few turned in to 6. Ooops!!

All ManGlaze polish is matte and has awesome formula. Dry time was pretty awesome too. I love how these polishes all look great matte or with top coat added. First I have Fuggen Ugly which is dark grey and has a super pretty shimmer when you add topcoat! I used 2 coats for good measure but you really only need 1 coat if you can get it even. I had an issue with brush strokes but the second coat evened it out pretty well. As an accent nail I used 2 coats of ILF (I'll let you figure that one out... hint: MILF without the M). I had the same brush stroke issue but the second coat evened it out. If you're a skilled matte-polish-applicator you could probably get it in 1 coat.

ILF with black label

Fuggen Ugly with super cool label graphics.

Do you have any ManGlaze polish? How do you feel about matte polish?

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